Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Real Oktoberfest

Last week I celebrated my birthday... a few times. This is actually a picture of my dream German birthday. Need-less-to-say, it was a different experience being in another country away from my family and friends. Thankfully my teammates and former teammates were here to help celebrate. Since Goldy (who played with me at Amherst and lives an hour away) has a birthday on October 17th and my birthday is on the 15th, we usually have a 4 day extraveganza. If you check out his blog, we pretty much kept true to tradition with American sports, German drinks, and the male-bonding. However, I really missed my family and friends and I didn't even get to speak to any of them on my actual birthday. This is actually my fault seeing as I have a skype account where I can call my family or my ex-girlfriend whom I miss both VERY much.

Last Saturday we beat an easy team at home by 20 and my roommate had 33 points! (I had 24) Today (Thursday) we play the #2 team in the league in their one of a kind gym. I will explain why it is so one of a kind later, stay tuned.


Brandon C. Jones said...

Fletcher is right. If you buy water from a store is cheaper. Though, I stick to it being more expensive than beer in restaurants.

Anonymous said...

What kind of beer do you guys drink, when it's cheaper than water? The beer that is so cheap tasts like puma-piss, as you will say in Germany. Try some real German beer. That may be a little bit more expensive, but it's much more tasty. And it won't make you feel like you were run over by a train the next morning.